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Some Sole Dream Time

Written on 01/30/2023
Mike King

Personal Dreams is almost on everyone’s minds these days. With stressful lives and a not so reassuring world, more and more of us are coming to terms with the fact that the solution to our well being isn’t necessarily going to come externally but rather internally. What if we could be the architects of our own happiness, or at least of our own welfare? This is one of the promises of sole dreams time, even in its popularized acception.

Because, let’s face it, mainstream motivational techniques are a far stretch from what dream building used to be and still is for dream builders Yet, it doesn’t mean that the takeaways of this watered-down approach to improvement for the body and soul aren’t worth the effort and dedication. Rather to the contrary, even if making some sole time for dream building just means you’re taking time for yourself, it’s already a victory, in a day and age where sollicitations are plenty and self-neglect is undoubtedly widespread.

Which brings us to our topic of day, making time to build your dreams, and more precisely, why not make use of our daily commute time to do that? Sure, at first sight dream building and public transportation might sound like a mismatch. Public transportation tends to be associated with adjectives like noisy, smelly at times, crowded, stressful, you name it. But if you think about it, dream building could actually be the perfect solution to turn your vision of public transportation around. Sure it’s not going to make all the unpleasantness go away, but it might just help you cope with it, at least in a way that all of these annoyances don’t take a toll anymore on your mood and well-being.

You never know where you greqatest dreams may come from.

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