The misses can often bring more kisses!

Written on 02/01/2023
Mike King

Today I missed the plane. Scheduled Ballina to Sydney. A few days work down there and then return with a new car. But unforeseen roadwork put a 40 minute traffic jam between me and that flight. 

The guys at the airport were awesome and really tried to get me through security and onto that plane, but, "Dam!" It was a Jetstar I was supposed to board. It was fully locked up and rolling down the runway.

The misses can often bring more kisses.

I felt that gut feeling kick in. The regret of a full day schedule rolled away and I tried to rewind missing the plane. 

Maureen was in the car and just about to head out of the drive when I texted her, "Missed It!"  Nex flight was not for another 8 hour.

Was I going to say goodbye and sit there for another 8 hours?

Or how about we look for some adventure. 

Maureen tapped on Ballina to see what was about. Literally within less than 30 minutes we were at the Killen Falls, taking in the oxygen rich smell of the rainforest and standing at the base of the falls.

There was even a huge python baking in the sun on the branches right at the lookout deck.

Back to Ballina for some very fresh seafood by the riverside and then dropped off at the airprt four hours later.

I missed a day in Sydney. I gained half a day in a place I'd never been to before. More time with my best buddy and now have some great fresh content to type in at the airport lounge. Some chill music on and coming into Sydney on a new angle.

I feel that a dream life comes about and starts with a dreams attitude. What attitude do you want to have in life.

Write it down. Define it. Be it.

See you on the other side.

Mike King

Found, The My Dreams Project.