Our Purpose

Written on 03/02/2023
Mike King

We are here to complete the development of the most powerful application on the planet.

That means that you are officially a member of the most powerful team on planet earth.

Why are we here?

Simply to createt the finest platform in which we are able to great our dreams, ambiitons, and to help ourselves and all of those that we love and care for to bring their aspirations to life.

What our world is lacking so greatly is a belief in the spirituality and inate potentiality that we all have, to achieve our own greatness. Either alone or as a memebr of a group that can bring such greatness to life.

Why are we here on this planet?

To be the best that we can be.

To create a stable, ethical, morale and productive family unit. The building block of this society.

To be a part of, form and support groups that will make a difference to this planet and that is working to secure a clean, vibrant and prosperous future for mankind.

Maintaining and supporting the visions that Mankind have as a species. Pointing our attention away from each other and out into the stars. 

To help to create, continue and grow this phenomenal gardent that is Planet Earth. Caring for the species of this world and providing a safe environent that is actively reversing the extinction process of our abundant wild life, ocean life and planetary fauna.

Ensuring the creation of man made structures that will only enhance the lives of mankind. Integrating with the beauty of nature and enhancing the survival of this precious water planet that we have.

Gaining more and more understanding on the spiritual nature of man and discovering these potentialities of man that all arrise from our greatness and imortality that is the Spirit of Man. A true recognition of what we are.

The admiration and respect of the supreme being that pervades us all. That true miracle of life that is a part of all that is living and that in which we all contribute to bring brightness upon the world and this universe.

This is the code of a Dream Builder. Vowing never to invalidate the efforts of another to dream big, be great and to be the best that they can be.

But even more importantly, the recognisiton of the reword received by giving pure help. Assisting another to be the best that they can be, purely for the sake of helping. 

This is indeed the greatest ability that we have. 

There is nothing more important than your dreams. But to recognise this in another and granting them the love, help and assistance to achieve their own is the greatest gift you could ever give, even to yourself.

Let's rock and roll Dream Builders. We have a lot of work to do.

Should you find yourself being stopped, bullied or baulked in any way, keep a cool look on your face and simply ask your opponent:

What are your dreams?

They do not even have to give you an answer. They have them, just as we all do. So let it simmer in them and carry on with your target to make your dreams a reality.

This is your God Given Right.

Let's go for it and as a group, we can achieve anything and change the world to what is surely must be.

A garden of prosperity and opportunity in which we can all choose our own path and have a great chance of making it.

Please jump in the Help Us Area and post your thoughts.

I am Eager, Eager, Eager to hear them. 

The best of these will be posted and I have rewards waiting in vouchers, closed door seminars and even exclusive one on one coaching.

Can't wait to see you in person, inside the room.

I am Mike King and this is The My Dreams Project.