Creating More Space

Sunday afternoon is a great time of the week to be creating more space.

Whether it is just unwinding for the week to consolidate your accomplishments of planning out for the week to come, I find Sunday is a great time for this.

I know that the Aussie culture is to head over to someones for a BBQ and maybe a few drink. I am not saying that this is a bad thing, but I find more that Sunday afternoon is a great time just to touch base on the main successes that I am going for in life and really looking if the actions I take in the week to follow is going to take me at least one step closer to the attainment of this success.

Goals, Dreams, Ambitions, they all add up to the same thing. We are alive when we are dreaming.

My main focus at this time is to scan through my dreams on The My Dreams App and jsut check the various points to ensure they are up to date.

What makes Monday the best day of the week?

Knowing that the following days are going to take you even closer to the realisation of your dreams.

Join me now!

PS. That little miss at the end there is "Bali!"

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Cheers, Mike King

CEO and Founder of The My Dreams App