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Your Role in The Game!

Written on 03/02/2023
Mike King

Your role in this game may be greater that you ever know.

We sadly live in a world that is filled with, at last count, 8 Billion Dreamer, Potential Dream Builders in the making.

How do we reach each and every oe of them?

It all starts with you.

It is true. You are a dreams machine.

There is only one person that can make your dreams happen. Make them a reality!

And that is you.

Have you ever seen a man, filled with dreams, unstoppable and well on the way to his own success.

Destiny created by himself?

I am sure that you have.

They]se bright beings are all about us, but we most often fail to recognise what it is that we are witnessing.

This is braveness, courage, inspiration and expression in the fullest.

The effect that this person creates, no matter where he goes, is something that brings an impact on the lives of others that they often take with them for the rest of their lives.

They literally become ignited.

This is the power that we all have within. We either use it and make this planet and mankind a brighter universe. Or we just follow along and comply and dare not stick our heads above the crowd.

Well, now you know. And when you know, you kind of can't unknow without it being a crime in some little way. You have just stumbled across the power of you. Your ability to dream and make it happen.

So here is your role.

If you are a free member, please watch all of the tutorials and follow my podcast. I am an avid dreamer and I am giving away as much as I possible can to empower anyone that also believes in this journey. This mission, this Crusade.

We can create a world of dreamers.

I know without a doubt the light that shines from a dreamer once they are alight. It shines on others and ignites them in the very same way. Awake and on the way to achieving their dreams.

Share this app, bring others on board and use what I am sharing to help others on their journey.

If you are a Paid Member, God Bless You!

You are serious and ready to take on the world. To change the world for the greater good. Creating a world of bright beings that shine their spiritual glow across mankind. Simply by doing what they were born to do. 

Acheive Their Dreams.

You are the Bravest of the Brave!

Should you chose to take this program and help others to get through that first moment of understanding this app and the power that it brings about for any individual that knows they can create their dreams, lay them our clearly and follow the road map, created by them, right through to the achievement, the attainments of thier dreams. This is the most honourable thing you could ever do.

Work diligently through all of the tutorials. Learn how to truly help another and help me to build an army of 1 Million Dream Builders that can and will change the world.

Welcome aboarb and choose your role.

You are always welcome in The My Dreams Project!

A Big Cheers,

Mike King

Founder and CEO

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